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Nov 21, 2023

Use GPT-powered natural language to investigate and respond to security incidents, threats and vulnerabilities with Microsoft Security Copilot, a new security AI assistant. Skilled with Microsoft’s vast cybersecurity expertise, it helps you perform common security-related tasks quickly using generative AI. This includes embedded experiences within Microsoft Defender XDR, Microsoft Intune for endpoint management, Microsoft Entra for identity and access management, and Microsoft Purview for data security. Security Copilot as an enterprise-grade natural language interface to your organization's security data.

Ryan Munsch, from the Security Copilot team, joins host Jeremy Chapman to share how Security Copilot is like an enterprise-grade natural language interface to your organization's security data.



00:00 - Investigate and respond to security incidents
01:24 - Works with the signal in your environment
02:26 - Prompt experience
03:06 - Off-the-shelf LLM vs. Security Copilot
05:43 - LoRA fine-tuning
07:06 - Security analyst use case
10:07 - Generate a hunting query using Microsoft Sentinel
11:34 - Threat intelligence
14:20 - Embedded Copilot experiences
15:42 - Wrap up


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