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Apr 19, 2024

Roll out Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 at scale in three quick steps. See the methods for each to efficiently enable Copilot services:

  1. Optimize Search with data controls in place to limit exposure of information in search.
  2. Update Your Apps—both on desktop and mobile—so they are ready for integrated Copilot experiences.
  3. Grant Access to Copilot services quickly to large groups in your organization via Microsoft Entra controls.

We're also introducing a new capability with Restricted SharePoint Search, which enables SharePoint administrators to define the sites where every user in the organization is allowed to files and data using search, without impacting access to sites and files for people working in sites, which are not allowed for everyone to search.

With Copilot for Microsoft 365 services in place, track adoption and impact, and see how different groups in your organization are benefitting from Copilot services with the Microsoft Copilot Dashboard powered by Viva Insights. Now, even if you don't currently own Viva Insights, there is an offer for Microsoft Copilot customers to get these services included with your Copilot subscription:


00:00 - Steps to deploy Copilot for Microsoft 365
01:01 - How to quickly optimize search
02:24 - How to set up Restricted SharePoint Search
03:23 - Update Microsoft 365 apps on managed devices
- Grant access to Copilot services
06:20 - Copilot Dashboard included with any Microsoft 365 subscription
07:00 - Copilot Dashboard powered by Viva Insights subscription
08:38 - Wrap Up


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