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Jul 19, 2022

Run automation flows unattended and scale to work simultaneously on multiple Windows VMs, for even the most challenging tasks. If you’re thinking this is something you’ve been able to do before, we'll show how it’s much easier to get started with Hosted RPA Bots and Virtual Machines operating in Azure.

Ashvini Sharma, Partner GPM from the Microsoft Power Automate team, walks you through how to automate repetitive, mundane tasks across legacy and modern systems at scale using Power Automate’s new Hosted RPA Bots service (preview). Expanded capabilities make integration easier. Now anyone can set up unattended bots to run large scale automations in minutes with just a few basic parameters. You don't even need an Azure subscription.

For more information, check out 'The "Mechanics" of hosted RPA bots blog at


00:00 Introduction of Power Automate's new Hosted RPA Bots service
00:46 Demonstration of how to set up Hosted RPA Bots
02:17 How to create new machine group parameters
03:22 How to update cloud flow running automation
4:11 Preview a sample run queue
5:19 How to manage number of bots running at one time
5:54 New capabilities based on your feedback

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