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Jan 19, 2021

Create intelligent chatbots directly in Microsoft Teams using Power Virtual Agents (PVA). We'll also show how the integration with the Bot Framework Composer lights up new capabilities for building even richer custom experiences. Jeremy Chapman is joined by Emma Archer, Principal Group Program Manager for Power Virtual Agents, who shows you how easy it is to create a new PVA bot in Teams and how to extend it with custom capabilities, leveraging the Bot Framework Composer.

With so many of us working remotely, it can be harder to get your questions answered. We’ve integrated PVA to give you an instant bot authoring canvas to build intelligent and responsive chatbots without even leaving Teams. You can build custom virtual chat experiences to engage with your team, address frequently asked questions, and save time by triaging common IT questions. And the good news is that Power Virtual Agents is included in your Teams license.

Just released to public preview is our deep integration of PVA with the Azure Bot Framework Composer.This offers richer experiences, such as adaptive dialogues that give you a way to code complex event-driven dialogues. Bots can easily switch contexts mid-conversation and then switch back, so they appear less robotic. Or use adaptive cards that give you a rich, interactive display and enable you to incorporate images and videos.


00:00 - Introduction

02:03 - See an example of a chatbot

02:55 - How to build your own chatbot

04:54 - How to create a complex interaction

07:21 - Azure Bot Framework Composer

08:39 - See Bot Framework Composer in action

10:39 - How to make chatbots available within Teams

12:33 - Closing notes

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