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Jun 2, 2022

A first look at the new Microsoft service that leverages Windows 365 infrastructure to stream secure, ready-to-code developer workstations on demand.

Setting up a dev box is extremely arduous for both geographically distributed and co-located development teams. As a developer, you're configuring different environments, weekly, and monthly, for new projects or team members. And it's not unusual for you to have costly over spec'd physical machines under your desk or hosted virtual machines set up for specific projects.

As a developer, you may need to access and work with sensitive source code or elevated privileges on your local dev environments to install custom tools in SDKs. It can be a difficult task for IT to give developers the flexibility they need while keeping devices secure.

Head of product for Microsoft's developer division, Amanda Silver, joins Jeremy Chapman to share the benefits of the new Microsoft Dev Box service; a self-service experience for quickly creating dev environments when you need them. And if you manage developer teams, you'll see how to efficiently configure and assign dev boxes that include the right tools for the job.


00:00 Introduction
00:48 The benefit of Dev Box
03:12 How does Microsoft Dev Box work?
04:28 Developer experience of Dev Box
05:13 How to connect to your Dev Box
07:33 How to get it up and running
08:23 What is a dev box pool?
11:08 Security & Management of Dev Box
12:45 How to get started

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