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Oct 12, 2020

Find out how you can run your VMware workloads natively in Azure with the new Azure VMware Solution. Matt McSpirit, Microsoft Azure Senior Product Manager, joins Jeremy Chapman to show you how to create a VMware private cloud in Azure, and move your on-premises VMware easily to Azure, while continuing to use your existing investments and skill sets in VMware in the cloud.

For anyone new to this concept, Azure VMware Solution, or AVS, is a fully-managed Azure PaaS service that lets you run your VMWare environment natively in Azure. It is essentially VMware in the cloud with your existing VMware tools and processes.

Dive into this special edition of Microsoft Mechanics for answers to questions such as:

• How do I know how to size the environment in Azure?

• How easy is it to create a new AVS private cloud?

• How long does it take to build? (only about an hour!)

• What does the process look like to migrate VM workloads?


00:00 - Introduction

00:25 - What is AVS?

00:43 - What’s new about it?

01:59 - Azure environment size

03:30 - What it takes to create AVS private cloud

05:34 - Process of Migrating VM Workloads

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