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Dec 3, 2020

Azure Purview is a significant breakthrough service, especially from a data management perspective. Because data can take many different forms, it's difficult to get a handle on the volumes of data that sit across your organization in multiple clouds and on premises. Purview solves for data discovery and provides the foundation for effective data governance. Ultimately, the better you understand the data you have, the more effectively you can use it across your organization.

Purview provides:

A unified platform that automatically discovers and classifies your data without the need to move it.

Rich user experiences, enable data, producers, consumers, and stewards to easily collaborate.

A way to easily track and visualize the lineage of your data across the data estate, so you can easily see where data is moved and how it's been transformed.


00:00 - Introduction

01:10 - What is Azure Purview?

03:02 - Purview in action: Search process

04:38 - Purview in action: Tables information & lineage view

06:23 - How it works

07:43 - Setup

09:33 - Options to scan data

10:57 - Insights: Bird’s eye view of data landscape

12:11 - Closing notes

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