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Mar 8, 2021

See how the latest updates to Azure Migrate provide one unified environment to discover and assess your servers, databases, and apps, and easily migrate them to Azure. Jeremy Chapman is joined by Abhishek Hemrajani, Group PM Manager for Azure Migration, to explore how we’ve merged three different tool sets for discovery and assessment into one unified, at scale, agentless discovery and assessment experience.

Discovery: Track multiple SQL server instances on the same server, and discover the different user databases within those instances.

Assessment: Understand the compatibility of various applications running on the server for successful migration. Assess for Azure SQL, Azure VMware Solution or AVS.

Issues & warnings: Understand the readiness and any potential migration concerns.

Cost details: Review compute and storage costs for every instance that has been assessed. Estimate monthly compute and storage costs when you run your SQL server databases on Azure SQL.

Experiment & modify assessments: Modify your assessment properties at any time, and recalculate the assessment. Compare assessments across different dimensions that were used to create them.


00:00 - Introduction

02:01 - Discovery

04:32 - Assessment

06:28 - Issues & warnings

09:27 - Cost details

09:59 - Experiment & modify

10:47 - How to start

11:54 - Wrap up

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