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Apr 12, 2023

Extract text automatically from forms, structured or unstructured documents, and text-based images at scale with AI and OCR using Azure’s Form Recognizer service and the Form Recognizer Studio. Build intelligent document processing apps using Azure AI services. Leverage pre-trained models or build your own custom models to help speed up app development with the SDK and APIs.  

Use a pre-built model for W2 forms Build and train custom models to extract data from 1099, 1040, and W9 forms Extract data from receipts with handwritten tips, in different languages, currencies, and date formats.

Bema Bonsu, from Azure's AI engineering team in Azure, joins Jeremy Chapman to share updates to custom app experiences for document processing.


00:00 - Introduction

01:50 - Form Recognizer updates

03:27 - Extract data from tax forms

04:56 - Extract data from handwritten text and other languages

06:00 - Build and train custom models

08:27 - Extract data from unstructured docs

10:15 - Code behind custom apps

12:07 - Wrap up

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Find out more about Contracts 365 and their services at:

H&R Block and how they use Form Recognizer:

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